Important Information

  • Visa – You will only need a one month visit visa at first and even if you are planning to stay longer, you can do your extensions for up to 3 months by going to the Colombo Immigration department after the first month has expired.

To apply, go to:

  • Weather – The temperature ranges between 27 – 30 C with high humidity, during the whole year. The temperature of the ocean is also constantly around 26-27 C.
  • Vaccination – While currently there are no significant risks of diseases in Sri Lanka, vaccinations against dengue and malaria may be done to be more careful.
  • Political situation – The 26-year-long military conflict ended in March of 2009 and therefore the current political situation is stable.
  • Clothing – Light, cotton clothing would be ideal. It is also fairly cheap and easy to buy the most suitable clothing during your stay, therefore you can pack only the most necessary clothing.